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Das Illuseum Berlin – Unterhaltung und Sehenswürdigkeiten am Alexanderplatz, dem Zentrum Berlins

Alexanderplatz is a popular place for young and old in Berlin Mitte. It has been attracting tourists and Berliners for decades. It swarms with people day and night. Whether families, couples or single visitors, everyone wants to experience something and have fun – especially at the weekend or during the holidays. Anyone looking for a different kind of museum in Berlin or Brandenburg will find it here.

What is worth seeing at Alexanderplatz? What is worth visiting here at Alexanderplatz?

In the Illuseum Berlin everyone gets their taste, because it is the special museum in Berlin: In addition to numerous optical illusions, there are rooms to try out in which you become part of an illusion yourself. Photographing yourself and your loved ones in it is a lot of fun and provides aha moments, laughing and wondering. Because how can it be that in the Ames room you appear huge in one corner and tiny in the other? There is a lot to learn behind the fun: How does our brain work, when can our eyes be tricked?

Alexanderplatz Ames roomHow does a visit to Illuseum Berlin work?

The friendly employees of the Illuseum Berlin are always available to explain the connections and of course also help to take the best photos from the right perspective. 

Those who like puzzles and take the time for tricky brain teasers will also get their money’s worth. 

A big wooden escape game is waiting to solve the ancient mystery. Many other small puzzles made of high-quality wood are available to try out and can be bought in the museum shop as a souvenir or as a perfect gift idea.

And who dares?

There are many brave visitors who venture into the Vortex Tunnel. Everything around you seems to spin as you stagger across the bridge. Guaranteed fun for young and old.


Welcome to the Illuseum Berlin. We will fool your senses and fool you. Visit us and find out that nothing is what it seems.

The Illuseum Berlin is a place for everyone, regardless of age. It is a unique museum to get new experiences and have fun with family and friends.

Find out how to trick your friends into thinking you’re flying or you’re glued to the ceiling – inverted space is waiting for you. Fool your eyes and entertain your brain!

Amusing and amazing exhibits will teach you about our brain and how it sees things.

Experience the amazing at Illuseum Berlin

Welcome to Illuseum Berlin. We will trick your senses and amaze you while doing it. Visit us and you learn that nothing is what it seems.

The Illuseum Berlin is a place for everyone, no matter what age. It is a unique museum to have new experiences and have fun with family and friends.

Are you brave enough to go into the Vortex Tunnel? It will make you believe you’re struggling just to make it through a rotating cylinder. Watch your loved ones grow and shrink in front of your very eves in our Ames room.

Find out how you can fool your friends into believing that you’re flying in our upside-down room or get properly dizzy in our tilted room. Deceive your eyes and entertain the mind!

Amusing and awesome tricks will teach you about vision, perception, the human brain and make it easier to understand why we see things differently than they actually are. Make sure you try out our entertaining and educational games and puzzles. These brain bashers are definitely great fun but tend to be frustrating as well.

The Illuseum for Kids

The children can become part of the optical illusions themselves and, in an interactive way, learn just how easily the brain can be tricked and how often things are quite different from what they may seem at first glance.

We recommend a minimum age of 6 years. Although many areas offer opportunities to take funny photographs, most of our exhibits are hung on the walls. Those are all about questioning reality in order to grasp the illusions.

The human brain is only able to differentiate between reality and illusion at age 6 and over. This rule is not intended to exclude anyone, but rather to ensure that even our youngest guests are well entertained.

For this reason, there is no entrance fee for children under the age of 6.

Corporate event at Illuseum Berlin, perfect for Christmas parties or team building

What types of team events are especially popular?

Our museum is a top choice for classic company events such as Christmas parties, team building events, press conferences, product presentations, and company outings for up to 150 participants. You would like to hold a presentation in front of a seated audience? No problem at all. We are equipped with a beamer and can offer seating at events for up to 60 people.

Furthermore, you can book our seminar room, host workshops, or celebrate birthdays at our location.


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