Das Illuseum Berlin – Illusions from the museum store

Looking for the perfect gift to remember your visit to the Illuseum Berlin? In the museum store you will find a colorful selection of puzzle games, puzzles and non-fiction books. In our museum you have the opportunity to puzzle, whether in our puzzle corners or at the giant Escape game in the blue room. Did you like one of these games or could you not crack the puzzle? No problem, in the museum store you can buy it in small size together with other clever gift ideas.

Great nonfiction books for curious kids

In the museum store of the Illuseum Berlin you will find the best non-fiction books about illusions, mathematics and physics. Everything that inspires a clever mind. The non-fiction books from Mosesverlag are attractively illustrated and have an understandable and interesting structure, such as the "big book of comparisons". How many people do you have to stack on top of each other to make them as big as a giraffe? And how many giraffes, in turn, must be stacked so that the top one can eat from an American giant tree? The big book of comparisons puts our world in relation to each other in a unique way, making complex facts easy. A masterpiece from Moses Verlag that no children's room should be without.

Sustainable and clever: Our wooden puzzle games

For those who love to puzzle, the Illuseum Museum Shop in the heart of Berlin offers a large selection of puzzles and wooden puzzle games. Among them you will find, for example, the bestseller "Escape" in three sizes, one of the oldest puzzle games ever. Khun Pan, is the name of this wooden escape game. Try to push the square, the Khun Pan, out downwards. Will you succeed? How many steps do you need? By the way, we have a giant Escape game for puzzling in the middle of the museum. Or how about the 5-piece pyramid? It looks easier than you think. Can you assemble the 5-piece wooden pyramid? A cool brain game for friends of puzzles and brain training.


For small and large researchers who love experiments.

For the small and large researchers among our museum visitors, we have a variety of experimental games from Mosesverlag, such as the "big box of experiments". How are moving pictures created? What happens when you wear rainbow glasses? And how do optical illusions work? The answers to these and many other questions as well as numerous spectacular discoveries about light and color await inquisitive children in the big box of experiments! With the included extras, such as fun shadow puppets, a colorful color fan, cool secret pictures or rainbow glasses, lots of tricks with colors, optical illusions, games with light and shadow and exciting experiments can be performed, guaranteeing fun full of knowledge transfer. In addition, the detailed accompanying book explains in detail which scientific phenomena lie behind the discoveries and what exactly happens in the eye and in the brain. The big box of experiments with light and colors from the PhänoMINT series by Moses Verlag is the perfect gift for curious children!



Am 29.11.2023 hat das Museum bis 18 Uhr geöffnet

On Wednesday 29.11.2023 the museum is open until 6 p.m.