The Illuseum Berlin - The Attractive Location in Berlin Mitte

The Illuseum Berlin offers with its special location an attractive place for video productions and photo shoots or as a unique event location. With its 400 square meters of space, the nested rooms in industrial style and the optical illusions, this museum in Berlin offers a lot of space for imagination and creativity. If you are looking for a very special location in the Berlin or Brandenburg area, you will be thrilled by the Illuseum Berlin.

Space for photo shoots wanted?

Clearly, photo shoots for young and old can take place here at the Illuseum Berlin. It is suitable as an ideal children's museum for photo shoots for magazines, family shoots, fashion shows or fashionshootings, editorials for children's or adult fashion. There are no limits to the imagination. The premises offer a lot of scope and can be used either as a discreet background or become a game of optical illusions.

Shoot a video clip?

The Illuseum Berlin has already been used several times as a location for video clip productions. The interlocking rooms with the illusions offer an ideal playground for directors and cameramen and let the protagonists appear in a very special light. Great scenes can be shot in the Ames Room - the optical illusions are almost inviting for this. As one of the top locations in Berlin, many things can be experienced here, making every experience a special event in this location. Translated with (free version)

TV reports on the subject of perception?

Furthermore, several TV reports on the subject, eye, perception and optical illusions have already been successfully filmed. As the best location among Berlin's museums and galleries, this Berlin museum is also ideal for extraordinary interviews.

And those who want to experience the Illuseum Berlin as a visitor are welcome to book their online ticket directly on the website.