The Illuseum Berlin - The place to puzzle in Berlin Mitte.

What should you definitely visit in Berlin if you want to train your brain and gain new experiences for your children? Clearly a top attraction in Berlin: The Illuseum Berlin, highly recommended by Tripadvisor, offers with its numerous illusions and puzzle games a special place for children and adults to acquire knowledge about optical illusions in a playful way. The numerous brain training stations challenge and arouse curiosity.

What could be better than discovering the world through play and challenging your brain a bit in the process?

Playful learning: There are different types of active learning, as well as discovery learning. In this type of learning, the subject does not passively absorb the information. Rather, one discovers the concepts and relationships through one's own cognitive abilities. This is in contrast to observational learning, which is performed when a person observes another subject's behavior. Or trial and error learning, where an answer to a problem is tried as many times as necessary until the correct solution is found. This can be seen wonderfully in puzzling. It didn't work? Try it again!

Experimenting is learning?

The original way of man to learn is experimentation. This form comes from the need to find a solution to various problems that may arise. For this reason, numerous studies confirm that every experience made in childhood leaves a footprint. And over time, this footprint becomes a lesson. Try your hand at the big Escape puzzle game and make your own experience: how long will it take you to find the right solution?

Curiosity is the key word.

Here at the Illuseum Berlin, curiosity plays a central role: experience itself is what teaches us how to evolve as people. Learning, developing and growing is the key to overcoming the various obstacles that can arise throughout life.

Children need to generate their own knowledge through their own experiences and emotions. This is how they arrive at meaningful knowledge that lasts for years.

Small experiments, then, that produce big results.