Welcome to Illuseum Berlin. We will trick your senses and amaze you while doing it. Visit us and you learn that nothing is what it seems.

The Illuseum Berlin is suitable for all generations. It’s a unique place for new experiences and fun with friends and family.

Are you brave enough to go into the Vortex Tunnel? It will make you believe you’re struggling just to make it through a rotating cylinder. Watch your loved ones grow and shrink in front of your very eves in our Ames room. Find out how you can fool your friends into believing that you’re flying in our upside-down room or get properly dizzy in our tilted room.

Deceive your eyes and entertain the mind!

Enjoy our collection of holograms, look closer at every optical illusion and thoroughly observe each installation. They are a playful reminder that our assumptions about the world are often nothing but illusions.

Amusing and awesome tricks will teach you about vision, perception, the human brain and make it easier to understand why we see things differently than they actually are. Make sure you try out our entertaining and educational games and puzzles. These brain bashers are definitely great fun but tend to be frustrating as well.

Much new in 2019

Since July we present ourselves with a reframed brand and communications strategy. We start off with a new name - Museum der Illusionen becomes Illuseum Berlin - and with a new corporate design/identity. Not only our website shines in new splendor, the rooms open up to new experiences as well. Look forward to well known and new illusions and discover the impossible in the Illuseum Berlin.

Look forward to well known and new illusions and discover the impossible in the Illuseum Berlin.


Here you will find us

Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 9 | 10178 Berlin | Mitten in Berlin | Direkt gegenüber vom Fernsehturm

Wir putzen uns für euch raus.


Aufgrund von Renovierungsarbeiten bleibt das Illuseum vom 19.08.-22.08.19 geschlossen.

We are getting all dolled up for you. Due to renovation works the Illuseum will be closed from 19.08-22.08.19.