Our mission: to inspire you & share knowledge with fun.

Was ist die Philosophie des Illuseums? Unser Team freut sich, Wissen und Fun Facts rund über optische Täuschungen und Illusionen zu vermitteln.

Educational and inspiring,
fascinating and extraordinary.

We love discovering new illusions for our exhibition and to try them out ourselves!

What are we engaged in?

Our team cares about answering your questions about illusions, imparting knowledge in the guided tours of the museum, and sharing ideas with you.

It is important to us to share our fascination with you. Through this dialogue, inspiration for new paths emerges...

And so we can constructively expand our exhibition.

In a digitized world, we still play with analog illusions that excite and inspire children and adults alike.

For a sustainable learning effect.

Educational and inspiring, fascinating and extraordinary: these are our guidelines on how we want to meet you, our visitors.

Outlook: We are growing and soon we will get more square meters for our illusions and this will not be an optical illusion - or maybe it will?...

Meet our team!

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Get in touch with us: We are always interested in:

Constructive feedback on how we can improve.

  • We are reinventing ourselves and looking for ways to become more innovative and modern.

  • We enter into new collaborations with Berlin artists and internationals.

  • We surprise with our special exhibitions and events.

We are the Team of the
Illuseum Berlin!

A colorful, international team that will inspire you.

These are the languages we speak:

German, English, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Greek, Turkish & Russian

Coming from the fields of art history, anthropology, linguistics & communication.

You will meet some of us in person at the museum. We will take you into the world of illusions and assist you with the best photos, give clever advice in puzzle games and take you by the hand in a special guided tour.

Clever gifts & souvenirs of your visit are available in our Illuseumsshop.


Am 29.11.2023 hat das Museum bis 18 Uhr geöffnet

On Wednesday 29.11.2023 the museum is open until 6 p.m.