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Special exhibition | extended until August 5, 2021


Photographic works from the project HUMAN·NATURE
by Janosch Weiss

The works investigate the relationship between humankind and nature. The well-known pictorial relationship between figure and ground is questioned by fusing them into one.

In the creative process of this aesthetic search, the boundaries bet- ween man, nature and technology become blurred in a symbiotic illusion; through movement and immersion in natural textures, the bodies recombine into new figures.

In the field of tension between the human being as inseparable part and child of nature on the one hand and the self-proclaimed role as creator and, at the same time, destroyer of nature on the other, the works strive for a conciliatory position.

Janosch Weiss *1984, studied bioengineering in Karlsruhe. Microscopes, X-rays and scanners; his technical enthusiasm for imaging processes opened up the world of artistic photography to him. During a research project in Brazil, he reportedly got colour poured into his head. With his degree in hand, Weiss changed his travel route, studied photography at the Berlin „University of Europe“, exhibited his work in Berlin and São Paulo, among others. Janosch Weiss lives and works in Berlin.