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Special Exhibition at the Illuseum Berlin


by Boaz Balachsan

refractions consist of a collection of artworks that all come into the same space for the first time. merging the worlds of ready-made and tape-art, the pieces represent fragments of various ancient cultures, each containing graphically fractured influences from a different location and an invitation for a different perspective.

the old merges with the new as light continuously passing through these fragments forms a portal to a constantly transforming language of symbols, perceptions and meanings. 

as the illusionary play of hide & seek between our past and present develops, the viewer is encouraged to discover the beauty

in the temporary combination of reflections and imagine a possible next step in the collective human story.

Boaz Balachsan is an earth based multidisciplinary artist and designer. fascinated with the space that exists between culture and nature, boaz creates work that tells a story and still allows plenty of room for interpretation. his work exhibits a playful exploration of concepts and mediums through symbols, materials, space and geometry.


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