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Special Exhibition at the Illuseum Berlin


Works of art by Florian Görlitz,
from 25. March 2023 in the Illuseum

Florian Görlitz would like to invite you with his art to venture a journey into your inner self. Creating objects that go beyond mere contemplation is his way of letting people experience something deeper. In his art you can lose yourself and detach from your existence, because reality rarely corresponds to what can be seen with the naked eye.

The hypnotic effect of his works frees the thoughts of their viewers from the hectic pace of everyday life and calm can return. When serenity, freedom and security give way, inner creativity and presence of mind are strengthened. Enjoy the journey to yourself. Find out which of the objects feels best for you personally and let yourself drift.

About the Moiré effect: The Moiré effect is an optical effect in which a periodic grid is created by superimposing regular grids. This grid has special structures that are not present in any of the individual patterns and vary when the method of superimposition is changed. For Florian Görlitz, the Moiré effect means the fascination of seeing things that should not actually exist in this way. A phenomenon that other designers avoid as much as possible is used here to stimulate their brains to grasp reality from a new perspective.

Florian Görlitz has always been fascinated by movement and the associated changes in life. His curiosity for the geometry of nature drove him to conduct research and experiments as well as to develop models to relate movement and geometry. His spirit of discovery, long journeys through India and a secluded way of life alone in a hut in the forest produced an artist who was full of drive to tackle his first major projects. Soon clubs and festivals in the Berlin area became aware of him and he came into contact with the Illuseum Berlin. Through the first objects he made for the museum, he recognized the great potential of illusion for people. The inclusion of this essential aspect in his previous work quickly led to international interest and an intense period began that took the illusion artist not only to Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza and Croatia. Intercontinental projects in Mexico and the USA were also not long in coming. Most recently, he was invited to exhibit his art at the world-famous Burning Man Festival. Now he is back with a selection of fascinating, kinetic light installations and invites you into his world of mechanical magic.


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