Original Rubiks Cube – in eco friendly package

The classic in a new improved 3×3 version! The best-selling puzzle game worldwide. The original Rubik's Cube from Cubikon in the new version is not only a beginner's cube but due to its new mechanics and the robust color tiles also for advanced cuber a recommendable model. The Rubik's Cube Eco environmentally friendly packaging.

5-pieces pyramid

Looks easier than you think. Can you assemble the 5-piece wooden pyramid? A cool brain game for friends of puzzles and brain training.

Escape (M)

One of the oldest puzzle games ever is Khun Pan, the wooden escape game. Try to push the square, the Khun Pan, out downwards. Will you succeed? How many steps do you need? By the way, we have a huge Escape game for puzzling.


This flat kaleidoscope comes in 4 different shapes and 15 standard colors. The funny peep-eye made of MDF with a facet lens to look through is an ideal gift for young and old.

Lord of the Rings

The special wooden puzzle game. Free the ring and release it completely from the game. If you have him in hand, he must also return to the game. A puzzle fun of wood and rope for clever brains.

Heart puzzle

The heart puzzle is another Tangram variant. Can you manage to assemble the heart? It looks easier than you think. A cool wooden brain game for friends of puzzles and brain training and a nice gift for a person with a heart.

Pocket Quiz – Optical Illusions

You can hardly believe your own eyes! On a total of 50 brightly colored cards in this box you will find amazing illusions and seemingly incredible optical phenomena. In addition, you can test your knowledge and learn how the eye is tricked.The small quiz cards in a handy format are suitable for all situations. Each quiz consists of 50 cards, packed with varied, tricky quiz questions, riddles, brainteasers and brainteasers.


Play with the light! The PhänoMINT prism has five sides. The base and the top surface are triangular, the three side surfaces are rectangular. You can perform many exciting light experiments with the prism. The prism splits sunlight into its spectral colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Fun for young and old from Moses Verlag, where great photos can be taken.

The big box of experiments

How are moving images created? What happens when you wear rainbow glasses? And how do optical illusions work? The answers to these and many other questions as well as numerous spectacular discoveries about light and color await inquisitive children in the big box of experiments! With the included extras, such as fun shadow puppets, a colorful color fan, cool secret pictures or rainbow glasses, lots of tricks with colors, optical illusions, games with light and shadow and exciting experiments can be performed, guaranteeing fun full of knowledge transfer. In addition, the detailed accompanying book explains in detail which scientific phenomena lie behind the discoveries and what exactly happens in the eye and in the brain. The big box of experiments with light and colors from the PhänoMINT series by Moses Verlag is the perfect gift for curious children!

The big book of comparisons

How many people do you have to stack on top of each other to make them as tall as a giraffe? And how many giraffes, in turn, must be stacked so that the top one can eat from a giant American tree? The big book of comparisons puts our world in relation to each other in a unique way, making complex facts easy. A masterpiece from Moses Verlag that no children's room should be without.

The big book of mathematics

Why is a sunflower symmetrical? Can animals do math? And what does a ham sandwich have to do with math? With the big book of mathematics, children can embark on an exciting adventure into the world of shapes and numbers! On 96 pages it becomes clear that math is far more than the content in the classroom and can be discovered all around us - from the honeycomb to the vastness of the universe! The big book of mathematics is a masterpiece from Moses Verlag, which should not be missing in any child's room.

The Smart-Pants-Quiz

Is there day and night on all planets? Why did the mammoths become extinct? And what is a cumulonimbus? A quiz game for clever foxes and curious researchers! With 100 smarty-pants questions on the topics: The Universe, The Earth, The Climate, Adventure of Life, The Human Body, Great Inventions, Riddles of Everyday Life. The smarty-pants quiz box is a great gift for clever minds from Moses Verlag.

PhänoMINT colorful Bernoulli-Whistle

Make a ball float just by blowing? The PhänoMINT Bernoulli whistle makes it possible! Simply blow into the colorful wooden whistle and the Styrofoam ball resting on the whistle begins to float due to the air flow generated. Children can playfully try out the principles of the scientific phenomenon "Bernoulli effect" and can learn a lot about air pressure, suction and air currents thanks to the exciting information inside the package. The colorful Bernoulli whistle is made of FSC certified wood, with 2 lightweight styrofoam balls and includes exciting information about the scientific phenomenon "Bernoulli effect" inside the package. A great souvenir from Moses Verlag.

Brain- Jogging - 100 Riddles & Illusions

Make your brain fit again with the best and most proven exercises for fresh thinking, clever combining and a better memory. Brain training at its best with 100 brain teasers & solutions, examples and instructions. The perfect brain jogging as a souvenir of your visit with us is this souvenir from Moses Verlag.

Optical Illusions - 100 Visual Riddles & Illusions

Let your head be turned by the most beautiful, most famous, most irritating "classics" from the world of optical illusions. The perfect souvenir of your visit with us is this souvenir from Moses Verlag.

Illuseum – Buttons

As a true fan of the Illuseum Berlin you can buy the small button with the Illuseum's logo in our store and give yourself or your loved ones a little pleasure.

Illuseum - postcards

From a wide variety of our own Iluseum postcards you can choose the illusion that fascinated you the most and buy it as a souvenir and send your greeting on it to the world in a very classic way. Illustrated postcards from Berlin and photo postcards with illusions - as a souvenir of your visit.