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Welcome to Illuseum Berlin. We will trick your senses and amaze you while doing it. Visit us and you learn that nothing is what it seems.

The Illuseum Berlin is a place for everyone, no matter what age. It is a unique museum to have new experiences and have fun with family and friends.

Are you brave enough to go into the Vortex Tunnel? It will make you believe you’re struggling just to make it through a rotating cylinder. Watch your loved ones grow and shrink in front of your very eves in our Ames room.

Find out how you can fool your friends into believing that you’re flying in our upside-down room or get properly dizzy in our tilted room. Deceive your eyes and entertain the mind!

Amusing and awesome tricks will teach you about vision, perception, the human brain and make it easier to understand why we see things differently than they actually are. Make sure you try out our entertaining and educational games and puzzles. These brain bashers are definitely great fun but tend to be frustrating as well.

Educational and inspiring,

fascinating and extraordinary.

We love discovering new illusions for our exhibition and to try them out ourselves!

What are we engaged in?

Our team cares about answering your questions about illusions, imparting knowledge in the guided tours of the museum, and sharing ideas with you.

It is important to us to share our fascination with you. Through this dialogue, inspiration for new paths emerges...

And so we can constructively expand our exhibition.

In a digitalized world, we are still playing with analog illusions that inspire children and adults alike and make them think.

For a sustainable learning effect.

Educational and inspiring, fascinating and extraordinary, these are our guidelines how we want to meet you, our visitors.

We offer guided tours in English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Russian, Greek & Turkish.

Please note the desired language in the comments section of your booking.

Interactive Illusions
in the Illuseum Berlin

Our interactive illusions can be experienced and photographed perfectly. If you need help with this, our friendly staff is always at your disposal.

One of the oldest illusions is the kaleidoscope, which impressively exemplifies how the correct utilization of mirrors and angles can deceive our senses. Try counting how many faces you see during your visit with us. By the way, the word kaleidoscope stems from the Greek and means “seeing beautiful shapes”.

The Illuseum for Kids

The children can become part of the optical illusions themselves and, in an interactive way, learn just how easily the brain can be tricked and how often things are quite different from what they may seem at first glance.

We recommend a minimum age of 6 years. Although many areas offer opportunities to take funny photographs, most of our exhibits are hung on the walls. Those are all about questioning reality in order to grasp the illusions.

The human brain is only able to differentiate between reality and illusion at age 6 and over. This rule is not intended to exclude anyone, but rather to ensure that even our youngest guests are well entertained.

For this reason, there is no entrance fee for children under the age of 6.

Corporate event at Illuseum Berlin, perfect for Christmas parties or team building

What types of team events are especially popular?

Our museum is a top choice for classic company events such as Christmas parties, team building events, press conferences, product presentations, and company outings for up to 150 participants. You would like to hold a presentation in front of a seated audience? No problem at all. We are equipped with a beamer and can offer seating at events for up to 60 people.

Furthermore, you can book our seminar room, host workshops, or celebrate birthdays at our location.

Magic at the Illuseum Berlin

Who is up for an illusionistic magic show?

"Actually, I can't do magic,... I'm just pretending!" says our magician Jan. Although he mentions this in almost every performance, there are always spectators of all ages who don't quite want to believe him.
This special magic show appeals to young and old.

Our magician Jan prepares an entertaining show with amazing magic tricks and close-up magic.


SPECIAL EXHIBITION from March 25, 2023

Find out which of the objects feels best to you personally and let yourself drift: The moiré effect, the fascination of seeing things that shouldn't exist like that.


by Florian Görlitz

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We are the Team of the
Illuseum Berlin!

A colorful, international team that will inspire you.

These are the languages we speak:

English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Greek, Turkish & Russian

Coming from the fields of art history, anthropology, linguistics & communication.

You will meet some of us personally in the museum. They will take you into the world of illusions and assist you with the best photos, give clever advice in the puzzle games and take you by the hand in the special guided tour.